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Rewire Marketing specializes in creating, launching, tracking, optimizing and reporting on campaigns and strategies in these key areas:

  1. » Search Marketing
  2. » Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. » Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. » Social Media Marketing
  5. » Web Site Usability and User Experience
  6. » Web Analytics

Social Media Marketing

Search engines' status as the primary portal through which users enter the web is now being challenged by social media. Users spend far more time on Facebook than search engines, and rely increasingly on social media to discover content.

For example, Facebook's Newsfeed churns out constant updates from users' friends, family and colleagues with content that is far more likely to resonate with them than that discovered through random surfing. In this way, Facebook has become an extremely powerful, relevant and hyper-personalized springboard into the web.

Furthermore, search engines are now incorporating activity from social media – tweeting on Twitter and sharing on Facebook – into natural search rank. A strategic approach to social media marketing can therefore yield positive results not just in this channel but in natural search, as well.

Rewire Marketing works closely with clients to craft a social media marketing strategy that fits naturally with the brand and can serve not only as a powerful branding and engagement vehicle but as a legitimate, long-term acquisition tool.

Web Site Usability and User Experience

Are you providing visitors to your site with an optimal user experience? Is the site laid out as strategically as possible to drive sales and conversion? Is a confusing interface causing potential customers to abandon the site before you've had a chance to get your message across?

Good web site usability and positive user experience are the cornerstone of conversion and customer loyalty online. At some point we've all had a stellar user experience on a web site that made a big impression because it was blissfully intuitive and easy to accomplish the task at hand. Yet many companies large and small still have sites that fail – they're cluttered, have poor navigation, confuse and frustrate users, and ultimately don't do the brand justice.

Whether you're building a site from scratch or have an existing one, Rewire Marketing can perform a rigorous and exhaustive assessment of your web site's usability, and deliver recommendations for structural changes, features and functionality that improve user experience and generate higher sales/conversions.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics is the glue that binds performance measurement across all internet marketing channels. It tells marketers which users came to their site, how they got there and what they did once on the site.

Free and paid web analytics software captures and organizes this kind of information. The ability to amass this data in nearly real time, analyze it and take concrete actions to maximize profitability is what makes internet marketing so powerful.

But its biggest asset – data collection at scale – can sometimes be internet marketing's biggest liability. With so much data at hand marketers risk analysis paralysis, that feeling of being inundated with so many numbers that you don't know where to begin. Often we end up sitting atop a heap of valuable web analytics data that we never seem to have the time to make sense of.

Rewire Marketing cuts through the clutter, and helps marketers identify exactly those metrics that matter the most to their business. From assessing where and why users are leaving your site before converting to designing and executing multivariate landing page tests, Rewire Marketing can guide you down a path to improving your site's conversions and your company's bottom line through smart web analytics.

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